World wide, measurements of water levels and gate positions are mostly taken by human operators who write the measured values on a piece of paper and then enter them in a computer at the office. A Dutch SME developed an innovative and patented water control system to reduce water losses by 10-20% using a smartphone. The company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance with district water boards and construction companies active in irrigation canals/ watermanagement.



Delivering water for agriculture by means of irrigation canals is very important for feeding the growing world population. Unfortunately, the performance of the way these canals are presently operated by human operators is low. On average 40% of precious water labelled as irrigation water is lost in transport due to mismanagement by the operators. Many studies point
towards the implementation of automatic control of the water delivery process in order to overcome the present problem. Canal automation has not been very successful yet due to high installation price and frequent break-down of equipment. 


A Dutch SME proposes to use the best of both worlds by combining manual operations and automatic control in an innovative patented control method. In this method, no equipment needs to be installed(!). Instead the human operator is equipped with a smartphone. With the smartphone water levels and gate positions can easily be measured by taking a photo with the smartphone. The internet connection of the smartphone allows the use of a centralized controller and the possibility to receive back an optimal advice for the gate position change, which is then manually implemented. 


It is estimated that this innovation can reduce water losses of irrigation canals by 10-20% which could

Innovations and advantages of the offer:
Current and Potential Domain of Application Worldwide on water systems and irrigation canals World wide, measurements of water levels and gate positions are mostly taken by human operators who write the measured values on a piece of paper and then enter them in a computer at the office. With the mentioned method this process is simplified to just taking one photo. This results both in a efficiency (10%) and a effectiveness increase(75%). 


Canal automation has often been proposed as a solution to overcome the present day problems with control of irrigation canals. The costs for the equipment (sensors, PLC’s, SCADA, communication systems, electro-motors) are considerable though, while maintaining the equipment in such an open, vulnerable and large scale system can even be considered unaffordable. The shared conclusion among key nternational researchers and experts is that the application of canal automation can reduce water losses enormously, yet everybody experiences the practical problem of high cost of installation and even more so the maintenance of the equipment. 


This technology combines the best of two worlds by using smartphones: using the advantages of automation without the disadvantages of automation. With this water control system it is possible to reduce water losses by 10-20% and this system is 5 times cheaper compared to canal automation.

Current and Potential Domain of Application:
Worldwide on water systems and irrigation canals



For further information please contact: agroalimentario.aac@juntadeandalucia.es