Partner Search ID: PS-FI-4739
Call Identifier: SME-Digital Content and Languages (FP7-ICT-2011-SME-DCL)

Challenge: Challenge 4: Technologies for Digital Content and Languages

Objective: 4.1 SME Initiative on Digital Content and Languages

Funding Scheme: STREP

Evaluation Scheme: First Step (Two Step Proposal)
Closure Date: 28/04/2011

Proposal Name: RecycCirc ( Recycling and archiving printed circuit board designs )


The yearly volume of designing layouts of printed circuits boards is 15 billion Euros in Europe.

New methods, which are required for a service that sells existing printed circuit board designs
to recycle them in the European electronics industry are being developed. The recycling of existing data shortens critical R&D
time cycles and saves costs in design SMEs. The circuit board designs themselves are stored in sets of libraries where the circuit design metadata is one part of the library content. At the same time, the design database will be archived with a general purpose technology,
bringing the contents type “general relational database” within the group of content types
that can be semantically archived by SMEs and so preserved.

The envisioned service is able to raise the efficiency remarkably of design work in 10% of this field, in a 1.5 billion
Euro sector.

Type of partner(s) sought:

* An Electronics Contract Manufacturer ( ECM ) registered to the EU or to an FP7 Partner Country.

* A company with hundreds of electronic devices or modules in their product range.

* SMEs that own a lot of IPR in printed circuit board designs.

* SMEs that design printed circuit boards.

* Internet service and electronic commerce companies for the b-2-b market

* A university that has published PhD dissertations about Digital Archiving or Semantic Libraries after 2002.

   A co-operation relationship with a current operational Digital Archiving Service is preferred.

For further information please contact:

Jaime Durán
ICT Sector