Call Identifier: FP7-KBBE-2011-5
Topic: Activity 2.2. KBBE.2011.2.3-03: Advanced and flexible technologies for active, intelligent and sustainable food packaging.
Proposal development stage: The Andalusian Technology Center is seeking potential partners in the European countries.
Closure Date: 25/01/2011
Country: Spain

Proposal name:  SlicePack: developing an innovative packaging system for perishable food products


An Andalusian Technology Center with expertise in meat processing is coordinating a proposal to be submitted within FP7-KBBE Call. The project aims at developing a packaging system for perishable food with a high added-value capable to meet the consumer demands and, at the same time, to increase the shell-life of the product. The coordinator looks for partners with expertise in new multi-barrier technologies, microbiology and packaging manufacturing.


This proposal aims at providing solutions for the packaging of perishable high value food products, keeping the nutritive and sensorial features and the food quality through the use of new packaging systems that are convenient, easy-to-use, affordable for companies and adapted to the needs of consumers and distributors. In addition, they should comply with the environmental policies of reducing residues, ensuring measures that are environmentally friendly.

At present, the food industry produces a wide range of packages. Present technological developments for packaging and the presentation of food products focus on the research of new materials capable to reduce production costs and wastes, contributing to guarantee the consumer and environmental safety.

The Coordinator is looking for partners to design an innovative and optimized packaging system with research capacity in the areas of multi-barrier technology, new materials from alternative resources, shelf-life food control.


Technical requirements:

- Transference of components from the package material
- Absorption and desertion of volatile components
- Kinetic reactions of oxidations and degradation of ingredients 


Task to be performed by the partner sought:

1. Initial analysis of the different present formats used in the market for the preservation of food.
2. Development of a new packaging system that guarantees the uniformity of the product along its shlef life.
3. Development of formats adapated to the different sectors that demand perishable quality products and adaptation of those products to othef sectors and markets in order to improve sales and distribution.
4. Modifications allowing longer shelf life by keeping the previously achieved features.
5. Verification in-situ of the acceptability of the different formats in the market.
6. Predictive microbiology studies after the package is opened by the consumer.
7. Development of techniques that lengthen the shelf life of the product once it is open. 


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