La Comisión Europea está preparando una plataforma de e-Learning que guíe a las PYMEs a lo largo de todo el ciclo de innovación. Con este motivo, se ha preparado un cuestionario para conocer las necesidades de las PYMEs en materia de innovación. A continuación podéis encontrar más información sobre este proyecto y el enlace al cuestionario.


The European Commission is preparing an innovation platform which will provide small and medium enterprises (SME) with a guided tour through the whole innovation cycle. Innovation in products, services and processes is a mean to turn European SMEs into competitive companies, economically healthy and able to create new jobs. Enterprises that invest in innovation increase their competitiveness and that of the European Union as a whole.


The European Commission is looking for your opinion! By participating in this survey you will contribute to the realisation of the platform and you can keep up-to-date about its development. You will reserve your free learning course / platform and be among the first companies invited to join it. Let’s start by clicking on http://survey.sme4rtdi.eu/index.php?sid=91179&lang=en


Fuente: CDTI