Proposal looking for partners:

Development of end-to-end Smart Grid Pilot Zone

To apply Intelligent Network  and communications Technologies to substation sites:
• 1 – to improve equipment condition assessment, increase existing equipment loadability, and defer investments in network capacity.
• 2 – Improved system operations in the presence of increasing renewable generation
• 3 -  Reduce the risk of large customer outages due to overloading, and defer potential investment. 
• 4 – to allow better control of automated systems, improve visibility of system operating conditions.

Trial of Smart metering benefits linked to various efficiency and microgeneration examples and enablement of demand visibility and management by the supplier.

Incorporating smart buildings trial.  3000+ smart meter installation with associated ICT infrastructure.

To understand how customers may use these products to reduce energy usage, gain awareness of the available in-home technologies being developed in these areas and understand data communications requirements needed for customers to use effectively

Electric Vehicles infrastructure to support trials of approximately 10 private and 10 commercial vehicles
Energy storage trial to improve capability to manage wind variability/intermittency.                     
Dynamic Line Rating and Distribution Management Systems across a distribution zone. (Active Network)   
Cyber security assessment and applications       

Type of partner sought: Innovative bodies/businesses active in Smart Grid technologies who are proactive in Pilot programmes.

For further information, please contact: jaime.duran@juntadeandalucia.es