PS-IL-74287 – Smart Energy Grids

Proposal name: NEWDMS New energy grids decision and management support system

Objective: New decision support system to optimize the efficacy of the energy grids management. The system analyses demand side and demand response patterns and enables improved decision and control support to optimize the integrated energy grids management. The system advanced design based on distributed multi-layered Neural Networks implemented in hardware coupled with fuzzy logic and other statistical methods implemented by software algorithms.

Target partners:

• Big company experts in integration, implementation and support wide area grid metering for the electricity or water management and data centers.
• University/Research Institutions with new methods to significantly improve demand side and demand response management of electricity or water grids.
• SME experts in water management, including demand-side management, integrated water resource management frameworks.
• University, researchers or SME experts in decision support systems state-of the art research.
• Producer or integrator of smart meters, intelligent home energy management devices.
• Big company experts in energy-efficient buildings design in the urban and rural areas.
• University team known experts in new methods to improve the buildings energy efficiency and the use of energy beyond buildings.
• Experts in complex urban systems to control the dynamics of energy or water supply and demand in neighborhoods
• University researcher for new methods of improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.
• Big electricity or water provider for validation and exploitation of project results.

For further information, please contact:

Jaime Durán Díaz

Email: jaime.duran@juntadeandalucia.es