The Ghent University is looking for European partners interested in cooperating in an Horizon 2020 call “Green vehicles 2014: Electric two-wheelers and new ultra-light vehicle concepts” in a project entitled Ulbec – Ultralight Vehicle Concept for Personal Mobility.


The Ulbec project builds on a previous Ghent University project that developed an electric powered one-seater, suited for year-through everyday use. The Ulbec should be designed to be a viable alternative for cars in typical daily commuting distances. It is fast enough, with a sufficient comfort and safety to convince the commuter, but cheaper and using much less energy. It should be extreme light (below 100kg) yet fast enough to go with the traffic flow (70-80 kph). All other design parameters should obey to these, and are to set in a way that the usability of the vehicle is maximised and the cost is minimised.


The project scope is a rather ambitious design project and needs a broad multidisciplinary team to bring it to a good end. Projectmanagement methodology would be scrum based, multiconcept after 2 years of development. The finality after 3 years would be a well-tested proof of concept, a market-checked pixel perfect model and a business plan. It should be discussed in the next couple of months how the results will be demonstrated.


Partner profile

The Ghent University is particularly looking for specific partners who have strong experience in general design, automotive engineering, extra light, engineering, safety for ultra light vehicles, legislation and/or marketing of L-type vehicles. Partners can be academic and SME’s although one established commercial partner might be needed for the marketing part.


Key words: Ultra light, Electric Vehicle, Legislation, Marketing, Safety



Mª Dolores Guillén