(Preliminary) Title of the project:
Enhanced Security for ICT based on Biometrics

Outline of the project idea:

The aim of this project is to provide an additional layer of security based on biometrics and, specifically, in face recognition mechanisms, making a variety of business cases more secure by adding an additional layer of reliability to an authentication step, enhanced by means of biometric techniques.

Through an authentication layer that involves biometrics, the candidate use cases include, but not limit to, the following ones:

• Secure payment with Credit Card / Mobile Phone
• Domotics, involving personalization based on face recognition
• Strong authentication when accessing to critical infrastructure
• Video-based “captcha”: showing your face instead of copying the shown text

The project partners are interesting in adding a charging provider of any kind to the consortium. The profile of the partner sought varies from a credit institution, to a company capable of performing charging actions by means of calls or SMSs to premium numbers, or a technological company focused on micropayments.

The current consortium aims at achieving a balanced group of partners matching the following profiles: 


• Telco Operator(s) / Identity provider(s)
• Charging provider(s)
• Equipment provider(s)
• Universities / Research Centres
• Software companies 


Call: FP7-ICT-2012-9

Type of partners you are looking for and their expected roles in the project:

Role: Charging Provider

Specific Area of Activity of the Partner: Billing and charging. Knowledge in the biometric area is encouraged but not compulsory.

Task to be Performed: Provide charging capabilities to the architecture, by integrating with the rest of the architecture.

Deadline for responding to this partner search: 01/11/2012

Contact person(s): Yolanda Arias Piedras / Julian Pelayo Reyes

ADEuropa Foundation
+34 983214792