Proposal name: OkraVision





OkraVision is a project for extracting hyaluronic acid from Okra Fruit. Hyaluronic acid is used in medical appliance as a filler material during eye cataract surgeries and other medical and cosmetic applications. The scope of this project is to perform laboratory experiments with okra fruit extraction and develop full line of machinery for producing hyaluronic acid from Okra fruit.


Proposal Outline:


This project is dividedinto 3 main development working streams, integration and medical validation of the hyaluronic acid produced. Development work consist of laboratory experiments with okra and the extraction process, development of okra processing machinery and development of process controls for the future production line. Integration is setting up of factory production line in clean room facilities Validation and testing assures that the final product is valid for use as medical application


Already existing consortium:


Producer of Hyaluronic acid, Sweden, Project coordinator Process control expert, UK, SME participant for Factory engineering, Sweden, SME participant Biological research, Estonia, RTD participant Hardware developer, Croatia, RTD participant Medical device testing, Germany, RTD participant


Partners sought and role in the project:


This project is looking for a SME partner who will participate in development of pre-processing and processing of okra fruit for the extraction process, is interested in finding possible opportunities in this field and is interested in possibility for cooperation in building next production facilities for the final product under discussion


· Call Identifier: FP7-SME-2013

· Activity Area: Research for the benefit of SMEs

· Funding Schemes: Research for the benefit of specific groups (SMEs)

· Evaluation Scheme: Complete Proposal

· Closure Date: 15/11/2012

· Sub Area 1: Machinery / Instruments / Sensors


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