A French SME has developed with industrial customers an innovative software to optimize industrial process. Thanks to a video recording and analysing software, industry can improve their way of production, for example production times, maintenance, safety task… This approach has been already implemented successfully in more than 15 countries after 18 months. Industrial partners for joint venture in order to increase R&D and commercial activities are sought.



The new software developed by the French SME allows optimization industrial projects. The approach is based on Lean Methodology associated with a new software which enables to capitalize and optimize industrial know-how from videos.


Lean is a methodology to contribute to continual improvement and eliminating waste (unnecessary transportation, handling, tasks, movements…). This methodology is based on four stages: prepare the project, analyze the process, validate new action plan and sustain new know-how.


The new video software developed has to be implemented in relation with all stages of the Lean methodology. It leads to breakdown, synchronize, optimize, and standardize different activities. It efficiently allows to :


• Capture and visually translate the current process on the field

• Involve the whole staff and:

– Build scenarios and define the target process
– Develop standards and best practices
– Validate the target scenario on the field
– Create modular training materials based on the video (Production, Maintenance, Safety…)


Thus, the software provides immediate and cost effective off-line training sessions with operators (real time video sequence synchronizations).


A complete project duration is between 2 and 6 months depending on time to implement technical or organizational changes in the process.


This approach has been already implemented successfully in more than 15 countries after 18 months. Results of this approach shows that :

- analysis times are at least divided by 3.
- audio-visual aid created after final video analysis enables the sustainability of good practice and maintaining standard locally.

For further information please contact: tic.aac@juntadeandalucia.es