RETA’s mission is to move the capacity of innovation of the Technological Centers of Andalusia and the knowledge generated at the universities to the whole Andalusian productive network order to change it into highly competitive services and products.

RETA guarantees equal opportunities to all companies. RETA is located in Technological and Industrial Parks; in order the big size companies, as well as small businesses to be able to get advantages from technology and innovation.


  • To stimulate and to guarantee the Innovation and Technology Transfer.
  • To find out opportunities from Innovation and Technological Development
  • To foster networking and to boost internationalizations
  • To enhance the Andalusian productive network competitiveness


RETA operates as a network deployed throughout every Andalusian Province by means of this “Technology Clusters” located in Technology Parks, Innovation Centres and the major Industrial Parks of the Region.

“Technology Clusters” are placed at the heart of companies concentrations in specific geographical areas, where a RETA Technology Expert provides services and advice to local companies, so as to help them innóvate.


RETA offers Andalusian companies a direct, close, personalizedd and free consultancy service on:

  • R+D+I financing and protection.
  • Creation of Innovate and technology-based companies.
  • Business cooperation.
  • Industrial promotion of small and médium-sized companies.
  • Introduction of business management tolos and systems.
  • Product and process engineering.
  • Techology Transfer.
  • Specialized Training.