The FP7-ICT Call 7 project BUTLER (287901) requires the participation of a new partner to carry out certain tasks within the project. Therefore it has published an open call with deadline on 17 April. More in particular, the project is looking for a partner established in an EU Member State or FP7 Associated State and having comprehensive expertise in the integration of Internet of Things technologies and conduct of end user trials. The tasks involve the participation to the setup of a cross domain (horizontal) field trial based on the prototype of the BUTLER platform.

The new partner will have to:

· Implement a cross domain “Smart Life” field trial. The domains that are being looking for include health, home/office, transportation and shopping;

· Provide access to end users and have the ability and experience of conducting end user trials;

· Participate to the technology integration and software industrialisation of BUTLER’s platform into a consistent and reliable field trial.

One partner will be selected for funding in this competitive call, which will be preferably a SME or an organisation demonstrating plans for sustainable exploitation of BUTLER project achievements.

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