Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) is looking to develop a project under call MG.3.5-2014. Cooperative ITS for safe, congestion-free and sustainable mobility.

European Union Horizon 2020 proposal: Simulation and optimisation techniques to achieve smart, green, and integrated transport.


Edinburgh Napier University’s (ENU) Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation are seeking collaborators to develop a research programme to optimise the reduction of public transport vehicle emissions in key air quality management areas in towns and cities. The Horizon 20:20 theme that this proposal aligns with is Smart, Green and Integrated Transport, the specific call being Mobility for Growth the initial domain that we shall be addressing is; Highly accurate, dynamic maps for transport applications, leveraging technologies based on advanced GNSS and cloud computing.



Cities such as Edinburgh monitor the levels of pollutants such as Nitrogen Dioxide in the ambient air. This allows the identification of Air Quality Management areas which experience and unacceptable level of pollution. Transport companies operating within these areas are under increasing pressure to avoid key locations at peak times so as to minimise the build up of pollutants.



The Aims of this research programme are to develop and evaluate simulation and optimisation techniques to utilise advanced mapping technologies to empower transport users, providers and planners to achieve smart, green , and integrated transport including:


· visualisation of flow of e.g. public transport vehicles with different pollutant levels to reduce peaks in vehicle emissions at key locations (real time, and what if scenarios)


· smart location of charging stations for electric e.g. public transport vehicles (what if scenarios)


· smart upgrade of fleets of vehicles of differing pollutant levels (what if scenarios)



ENU has a track record of working with Transport Organisations, and in visualisation, simulation and optimisation.


Partners Sought:

For the purposes of this research programme ENU would continue to focus on simulation, optimisation and collaborating with local transport partners. However, this research programme also has wider implications for towns and cities all over the world, and we are seeking partners from both academia and transport organisations in Europe with similar air quality issues that could be the reduced by using simulation and optimisation to better manage public transport vehicles.


If you are interested, please contact : mariad.guillen.ruiz@juntadeandalucia.es