Background and benefits of European Projects Awards

In order to emphasize the role played by the European funded projects in building a better European society, the “European Projects Association, in collaboration with the European Economic and Social Committee and the European Academy for Education and Social Research has decided to award each year the most successful European projects, highlighting the added values generated in achieving the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy. 

The European Projects Awards is EPA’s way to reward the initiatives undertaken by individuals, private and public organizations which will serve as an encouraging example and innovative potential for the development of the European Union at every level. 

To be eligible for the awarding procedure, one must register to MyEuropa. Members of MyEuropa with the best ideas and on-going or realized projects will have the opportunity to get help in project writing or implementation, relevant media promotion or valuable training in project management. By posting their ideas in ProjectsShowroom, the members are presenting it to more than 1400 MyEuropa members and in that way increasing their chances of finding a suitable project partner or receiving help necessary to carry out their ideas. Furthermore, the emphasis is placed on young people with good ideas who want to gain experience in project management as well as on the cooperation and exchange of ideas in an enabling environment of MyEuropa community. The first edition of the Awards ceremony will take place in Brussels on the 28th November 2012 in the premises of the European Economic and Social Committee and will reward projects related to the civil society development with an aim to develop policies dedicated to structural reforms, strengthening of the democracy legitimacy and promoting a more actively engaged society. 

Target groups

European Projects Awards is open for everybody interested in writing projects eligible for European funding. Target groups vary depending on the initiatives and topics EPA rewards; public entities, state, county, city, governmental agencies, public educational institutions, private organizations, etc. 

In the first edition of the Awards EPA will reward projects already financed, or the project ideas suitable for financing through various EU programmes covering the following fields: 

- Agriculture, fisheries and foods 

- Economy, finance and tax 

- Education, training, culture and youth 

- Employment and social affairs 

- Energy and natural resources 

- Enterprise and industry 

- Environment, consumers and health 

- External relations and foreign affairs 

- Information, communication and med 

- Justice, fundamental rights and home affaires 

- Regions and local development 

- Research, innovation and technology 

- Transport, tourism and travel

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