The project consists of:
- Phase 1: Development of a software platform working as web harvesting and social network for teachers and pupils focus on educative digital contents. The platform will facilitate teachers across Europe to create by their own educative contents to support their explanations in the classroom.
- Phase 2: Testing and Piloting the software solution in a small scale with teachers working at primary & secondary schools and universities

Innovation in this project:
- These educative digital contents will be geopositioned. The platform will use GIS technology as a source of learning and communication between student and teacher at the school: The tool will allow performing multiple tasks in visual and manual interaction with maps.
- Social network: Teachers will have the editing tools to create content and share it on the web with other teachers from other schools, creating value and working in network
- Data economy: It will minimize procurement costs for multimedia and digital educational content in the
educational community having a wide range of perfectly scheduled activities for its recurrent use of content
such as platforms Agrega.

We are looking for partners for a cooperative project such as:
- Research Centres focus on education technologies.
- Enterprises (preferably SMEs) focussing on development of digital educational content business
- Business providers focus on classroom technical equipments such as whiteboards, tablet computers.

- Type of partner sought: educative digital contents provider
- Specific Area of Activity of the Partner: providing digital contents at EU level
- Task to be Performed: providing digital contents focus on education in different academical levels: schools, universities, …
- EU/International project experience: yes

For further information please contact:


Jaime Durán
ICT Sector