Call for proposals for Researchers’ Night 2012


The European Commission has published a call for proposals for Researchers’ Night 2012.

The Researchers’ Night will be an occasion for a European-wide public and media event for the promotion of research careers. It is intended to ensure as large a geographical coverage as possible, involving a maximum number of Member States and Associated Countries.

Activities should to be focused on the public at large, and feature researchers being actively involved and directly in contact with the public.

The expected impact of this action is to address existing stereotypes about researchers and the profession, and highlight the central role of researchers and the key benefits they bring to society. The initiative should also seek to inform young people about research careers.

Contact person:To see the official call announcement, please consult:
OJ No C 283 of 27 September 2011 and the following link


Data Source Provider:Official Journal of the European Union

Document Reference:OJ No C 283 of 27 September 2011

Subject index:Social Aspects,Coordination, Cooperation,Scientific Research

Programme Acronym: FP7 , FP7-PEOPLE