Basildon Council (UK) is looking for partners and potentially, a lead partner for an INTERREG funded project in the sector of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing. The Council is interested particularly to hear from Local Authority partners; Employer organisations and educational institutions from all areas that have a similar manufacturing base to Basildon.


The aim of the project is to share best practice and further develop innovative enterprise strategies to increase trade amongst SMEs which will ultimately lead to increased employment opportunities. These innovative strategies include: Local Smart Specialisation; Supply Chain support and development; SME and Higher education links; Business/School engagement; Access of low skilled young people to high skilled employment and Engineering City Concept/Branding. Please see the attached partner search form for more details.


All interested parties are invited to an initial lunch meeting on October 7th at 13.30 at the East of England Partnership Office (rue du Tr ne 4, B-1000 Brussels) to scope out ideas and discuss a potential project concept.


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Tel.+34 955 04 58 09