Title of the project

Redefining the Cellular Infrastructure: Cognitive Radio Networks for Beyond 4G

Outline of the project idea

The Cecora project wants to make it possible to make use of mobile broadband network that is not fully utilized today. This would give access to faster and cheaper connections for users and can be made by “going beyond 4G” by flexible broadband spectrum usage.

Cognitive Radio Networks (CRNs) are emerging as viable solutions to increase the spectrum utilization by using unused or less used spectrum in highly dynamically changing radio environments. The basic idea is to allow unlicensed users access to licensed spectrum, under the condition that the interference perceived by the licensed users is minimal. This means that there is need not only for new communication and networking technologies able to use the spectrum more efficiently (in terms of increased bit/s/Hz/cell), but also for new advanced techniques to increase the spectrum utilisation. This opens up for a number of technical challenges that must be solved for this technique to get acceptance.

The aim is to develop new, advance wireless technologies able to open the bottlenecks of existing 4G technologies; to find solutions that allow the advance of cellular communication by including the cognitive radio network technology. CRN autonomously coordinates the use of free spectrum by identifying it based on specific policies used to observe the spectrum. By doing this, the network becomes more advances to the benefit of end-users.

A business model will be tested: Tele-operators open up for usage of their net for non-paying users. These users will be able to have net connection on spectrum that is not used at the moment, for paying customers.
Fully functional systems need to be developed by Cecora, complemented by testing in real environment.

Type of partners you are looking for and their expected roles in the project

Tele-operators interested in the new technology of cognitive radio networks and the new business opportunities associated with this.

Deadline for responding to this partner search

15 September

Further information and contact

Jaime Durán – Laura Valle

CESEAND – CITAndalucía