Title of the project: Making middle size urban area masterplan model for connected and sustainable Smart Cities Europe 2020


The aim of the project is the design of a smart city model for medium size cities (between 60,000 and 200,000 inhabitants) capable of connecting:
· the Smart City concept, as an implementation of the integrated urban policies contained in Europe 2020;
· convenant of Mayors and action plans for sustainable energy as a repository of projects which integrate hight technology and strategic plans at local level (i.e. welfare, health, eGov).
The model is based on the idea of a digital city as an infrastructural platform where actions can be replicated.
The model will leverage the concepts of modules and replicability. Each city will act as a node of a network and the whole network will cooperare as a smart network.
Cities belonging to the covenant of Mayors have already developed an Action Plan on Sustainable Energies, designed according to guidelines and best practices and they can take advantage of a repository of projects on CO2 emissions reduction.
Modularity of plans and standardization of actions at city level will represent an opportunity for large areas, such as regions which can exploit best practices and for cities which can cooperate with higer level public bodies in a more coherent and coordinated way.
The development of the model will be implemented through the involvment of public bodies, universities and companies such as utilities with complementary skills and experiences.

Dedline for expression of interest: 6th April 2012


For more information: metalmecanico.citandalucia@juntadeandalucia.es